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LATN 271-001: Introduction to Reading Latin

Fall Semester 2023

Capitoline Wolf, Capitoline Museum, Rome, photo J. Long 1 August 2006

This class is an opportunity to complete and consolidate foundational knowledge and skills continually called on for reading Latin. Increasingly, we will integrate them dynamically in connected reading of original texts. By focusing on grammar and analysis, you will extend your understanding of how language functions systematically: the insight you develop working between Latin and English will strengthen your acuity with every language you use. At the same time, we will also begin to look at Latin texts as literature and as vehicles of cultural knowledge - where even more fun begins.

Our work will pursue four main aims or Learning Outcomes (as well as aiming to enjoy them):

MWF 9:20am - 10:10am
Crown Center 572
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Outside of class, you are welcome:
MWF 10:15am-11:00am, Crown 563
or by appointment
Your messages are welcome:
a phone call to 773-508-3511 should reach me via jlong1@luc.edu, but the transcription can be erratic

Policies and Assessment

Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

Textbooks and required resources (tied to this class)

Additional Resources (of longer-term usefulness)

Resources for Studying Latin Resources for Studying the Classical World Additional support-resources at Loyola University Chicago

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