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LATN 271-001: Introduction to Roman Prose

Fall Semester 2013
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Capitoline Wolf, Capitoline Museum, Rome, photo J. Long 1 August 2006

Policies and Assessment

Grades will be based on:

Participation (beyond attendance: includes oral translation and discussion) 10%
Written homework (collected periodically) cumulative average = 15%
Short quizzes cumulative average = 25%
Midterm exam 20%
Final exam 30%
Penalty for excessive absences (see below) particiation-assessment loses 2.5% for each absence falling within the definition of excess (see below)
The "midterm grade" will reflect the weighted average, pro-rated, of the components completed to date: participation, homework and quizzes to date and the midterm exam.

Participation and other policies

Additional University resources

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