[Loyola University Chicago] CLST 395 / ROST 395
Topography of Rome
at the Rome Center

Rome was the home of every Roman's cultural identity. What else does it mean that a whole people, who ruled the entire Mediterranean basin and much of Europe for centuries, named themselves after a single city? What was where? What did they do there? And how did the city's places shape its citizens and their consciousness? In this course we will study significant remains of ancient Rome (roughly, 6c BC - 4c AD) and related aspects of Roman society and culture. Classes meet on site (except for exams). Students are encouraged as much as possible to take advantage of being in Rome themselves, and grow into a resident's own feel for the topography of the Eternal City.

Wednesdays (mostly), 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
on site
(specific meeting times and places will be posted on the notice-board in the porter's lodge)
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Office Hours: TBA
e-mail (for the time being): jlong1@orion.it.luc.edu; e-mail address at Rome TBA


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