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CLST 395 / ROST 395: Topography of Rome
at the Rome Center

Fall Semester 1999
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Rome Journal

Or, how to get credit for wandering around Rome in your spare time.
Not optional.

General description of the assignment


Content and its distribution

How many entries are assigned, and when are they due?


Memorial value

Some Appropriate Sites and Items for Visits

These are only suggestions to get you started -- mostly things I have had fun tracking down myself.
Supplement and substitute freely with your own discoveries and favorites.

The only constraint is that your journal entries should not duplicate class work.

  • the Sarcophagus of the Married Couple (Etruscan)
  • the Capitoline Wolf
  • any fragment(s) of the "Servian" wall
  • an inscribed milestone from any ancient Roman road
  • any aqueduct remains we have not visited as a class
  • a walk through Rome following a route an ancient Roman could have taken
  • an ancient Roman coin representing a specific building or monument
  • the Foot of Serapis for which a modern Roman street is named
  • "Mastro Pasquino"
  • the athlete mosaics from the Baths of Caracalla
  • any ancient catacomb
  • the Baths of Diocletian
  • the Circus of Maxentius
  • Santa Sabina

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