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CLST 273G - Classical Tragedy - Women and Gender Focus

Fall Semester 2017

Medea, South-Italian krater, late 5th - early 4th c BC

This Tier 2 Literary Knowledge course surveys selected masterworks of Classical Athenian tragedy paying particular attention to concerns of women's studies and gender. How do plays written for competition in civic festivals, for a community that identified full civic participation as men's, not women's, deal with figures of women? What capacity for action and choice do the women in Athenian tragedy exercise? How do their capacities line up with Athenian culture's ideas about gender, more generally how did the plays invite their audience to stretch their thinking, and how do they invite us? We will read, discuss, critique, perform, write, and seek to learn, how ancient plays' literary representations of women and men illuminate transcendent concerns, including women's part in justice, human dignity, the civic community, and cosmic order.

Our work will pursue four main aims (plus the fifth, of having fun with all of them):

Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 10:25am-11:15am
Mundelein Center 506
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Office Hours: Sullivan Center 228, MWF 9:15am-10:05am, or by appointment
e-mail: jlong1@luc.edu


Policies and Assessment

Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

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Basics of Academic Life: Studying and introductory Research and Writing

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