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CLST 389-01W / HIST 300B-01W - also elective option for Catholic Studies, Medieval Studies
Classical Backgrounds II: Augustine - Writing Intensive

Fall Semester 2018

Christian basilica, Hippo Regius, photo J. J. O'Donnell

Aurelius Augustinus grew from (by his own account) a brainy, competitive child of an African small town in the later fourth century to one of the most important thinkers of the Western Christian tradition. This Writing-Intensive class will examine translated texts of Augustine's own writings and other sources for the world in which he lived, in order to develop an understanding of how late Roman provincial culture and Christian society formed Augustine's intellect and its enduring responses to contemporary challenges. Students will pursue research independently and collaboratively in seminar format.

Our work will pursue four main aims (plus the fifth, of having fun with all of them):

Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 10:25-11:15 AM
Life Science Building 412
Dr. Jacqueline Long

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Augustine and the Late Antique World

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