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CLST 389-01W / CATH 300-01W / HIST 300B-01W / MSTU 398-01W
Classical Backgrounds: Augustine - Writing Intensive

Spring Semester 2012
Dr. Jacqueline Long

MWF 10:25am-11:15am
Mundelein 308
Christian basilica, Hippo Regius, photo J. J. O'Donnell


Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

This class meets as a seminar: shared discussion is paramount.
The reading assignments yield essential preparation for the class meetings for which they are listed. Complete reading assignments in time to think them through and participate substantively; review as needed.

Five Factual Quizzes are scheduled across the semester to take place briefly within class time, as follows. If collective performance on them falls below acceptable standards at any point in the term, additional Factual Quizzes may be added to the schedule, without notice. These additional quizzes would be averaged with the scheduled quizzes in order to provide the opportunity to improve preparation and raise average scores.

Life in the Church in Late-Roman Africa
Church, Bishop, and Martyrs
  • W 1/18: Introduction
  • F 1/20
    • Paula Fredriksen, "Christians in the Roman Empire in the First Three Centuries CE," in David S. Potter, ed., A Companion to the Roman Empire, 587-606 (Malden MA, Oxford, Carlton Victoria: Blackwell Publishing 2006)
    • Garry Wills, Augustine, pp. 65-99
  • M 1/23
    • Augustine, Sermon 306E
  • W 1/25
Donatism and the Persistence of Memory
  • F 1/27
    • Maureen A. Tilley, "Sustaining Donatist Self-Identity: From the Church of the Martyrs to the Collecta of the Desert," Journal of Early Christian Studies 5.1 (1997) 21-35
    • Strunk and White, ch. IV, pp. 39-65 (on-line, first edition Ch. V plus first edition Ch. VI)
  • M 1/30
  • W 2/1
    • Augustine, Sermon 360C
    • Augustine, Letter 28*
    • Remind yourself to think about your research project
  • F 2/3
    • Wills, Augustine pp. 99-145
    • Brent Shaw, "African Christianity: Disputes, Definitions, and 'Donatists'," in M. R. Greenshields and T. A. Robinson, eds., Orthodoxy and Heresy in Religious Movements: Discipline and Dissent, 5-34 (Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press 1992; rpt. in Shaw, Rulers, Nomads, and Christians in Roman North Africa, Aldershot Hamps: 1995)
    • Factual quiz today!
The Supervisory Bishop
Ruling Family
Literary Life
The Beginning of Discovery: Words and the Heart
  • M 2/27
    • Augustine, On Christian Teaching, Prologue and Book 1
  • W 2/29
    • Catherine Chin, "The Grammarian's Spoils: De Doctrina Christiana and the Contexts of Literary Education," in Augustine and the Disciplines: from Cassiacum to Confessions, ed. K. Pollmann and M. Vessey, 167-83 (Oxford UP 2005)
    • Receive assignments to collaborative groups for your research project and begin planning your collaboration
  • F 3/2
    • Wills, Augustine, pp. xi-10
    • Factual quiz today!
M-Sa 3/5-10 Midsemester Break - no classes
  • M 3/12
    • Augustine, On Christian Teaching, Book 2
  • W 3/14
    • Wills, Augustine, pp. 10-35
  • F 3/16
  • M 3/19
  • W 3/21
    • Wills, Augustine, pp. 36-47
Explicitly Not Rules of Rhetoric
  • F 3/23
    • Augustine, On Christian Teaching, Book 4
  • M 3/26
    • Wills, Augustine, pp. 48-64
    • Factual quiz today!
  • W 3/28
    • Re-assessing preaching: review Serm. 159A, 299A, 306E, 341, 354A, 360A, 360C
    • Writing Exercise 4 due today!
Greatest Hits
Lens of Life: through Letters into Faith
  • F 3/30
    • Augustine, Confessions, Books 1-2
  • M 4/2
    • Augustine, Confessions, Books 3-4
  • W 4/4
    • Augustine, Confessions, Books 5-6
Th (4:15pm) - M (4:15pm) 4/5-9: Easter Break - no classes
  • W 4/11
    • Augustine, Confessions, Books 7-8
  • F 4/13
    • Augustine, Confessions, Books 9-10
  • M 4/16
    • Augustine, Confessions, Books 11-13
    • Thomas Williams, "Biblical Interpetation," in The Cambridge Companion to Augustine, ed. E. Stump and N. Kretzmann, 59-70 (Cambridge UP 2001)
    • Factual quiz today!
Response to Sack of the Romans' City
  • W 4/18
    • Augustine, The City of God against the Pagans, Book 1
    • Augustine, Letter 1*A
  • F 4/20
    • Augustine, The City of God against the Pagans, Book 2
  • M 4/23
    • Augustine, The City of God against the Pagans, Book 4
  • W 4/25
    • Augustine, The City of God against the Pagans, Book 5
  • F 4/27
    • Augustine, The City of God against the Pagans, Book 14
    • Finished paper from your research project due today!
M 4/30
Absolute, final deadline for submission of any work on extended deadlines
Conformed with Loyola's Final Exam Schedule.

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