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CLST 389-01W / CATH 300-01W / HIST 300B-01W / MSTU 398-01W
Classical Backgrounds: Augustine - Writing Intensive

Spring Semester 2012
Dr. Jacqueline Long

MWF 10:25am-11:15am
Mundelein 308
Christian basilica, Hippo Regius, photo J. J. O'Donnell

Policies and Assessment

Grades will be based on:

Ongoing Contributions to Class (the value you add to everyone's learning: thoughtful questions, pertinent answers, insight, logic, substance, and always courtesy - more than mere attendance)
Penalty for excessive absences (see below)
the Contribution component will have 2.5% deducted for each absence falling within the definition of excess (see below)
Factual Quizzes (cumulative) 7.5%
Discussion Leadership (cumulative) 10%
Discussion-Leadership Workup (a.k.a. Writing Exercises 2 and 4; cumulative) 10%
Source-Summary (a.k.a. Writing Exercise 1) 10%
Source-analysis Paper (a.k.a Writing Exercise 3) 15%
Collaborative Presentation relating to Research Project 5%
Short Paper relating to Collaborative Presentation 10%
Final Paper presenting the Research Project 25%
The "midterm grade" will reflect the weighted average, pro-rated, of the components completed to date.

Respect and other policies

Additional University resources

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