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CLST 307/FNAR 337/ROST 307:
Art of the Roman World

Rome Center Summer Session 2010

Ara Pacis, 9 BC, photo J. Long 23 July 2006

This on-site course will study the art of the Roman world as the art and the world developed. We will examine different kinds of artistic products such as ceramics, sculpture, and monumental plazas, and trace the different techniques that produced them. We will investigate their aesthetics. We will consider the ways these works of art invited their "audiences" to interact with them. We will explore how they wove new connections between images, objects, experiences, ideas, and values: how did the art produced and encountered by ancient Romans -and everybody else in their perennially multicultural world- serve as cultural currency?

Our work will pursue three main aims (plus the fourth, of having fun with all of them):

Monday - Wednesday, 9:00am-12:20pm
~ on-site in Rome ~
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Office Hours: By appointment
e-mail: jlong1@luc.edu


Policies and Assessment

Schedule of Meeting Places and Reading, Writing, and Reporting Assignments



Additional Resources

Writing and Research Basics

Roman Art - for example
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