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CLST 307/FNAR 337/ROST 307: Art of the Roman World

Rome Center Summer Session 2010
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Ara Pacis, 9 BC, photo J. Long 23 July 2006

Schedule of Meeting Places and Assignments

Monday - Wednesday, 9:00am-12:20pm
~ on-site in Rome ~

The reading assignments take you through the development of art in the Roman world in a rational order devised by a leading scholar of the field;
on-site and museum visits show you the art, but in an order constrained by space and institutional scheduling.
Keep up with the reading as assigned, so you will develop the understanding this course encompasses.
But also keep on referring forward and back to important discussions of items and concepts as we physically get around to them.


M 5/24 Getting Started: Rome and Art
  • Kleiner, Introduction (xxi-xlvii)
  • Roman Forum and Palatine
W 5/26 Etruscan Art
  • Kleiner, Chapters 1-2 (1-29)
  • Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia
Th 5/27
F 5/28
Make-Up Day
Art of the Roman Republic
  • Kleiner, Chapters 3-4 (31-59)
  • Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
Sa 5/29
very recommended: Pompeii
  • Kleiner, Chapters 2, 3, 10 (17-45, 139-151: review and preview)
  • Pompeii
M 5/31 City of Brick, City of Marble
  • Kleiner, Chapters 5-7 (61-87)
  • Vatican Museums (NOT Mausoleum of Augustus and the Campus Martius)
  • we will try for an out-of-schedule visit to the Ara Pacis later this week: it's closed Mondays and Wednesday is the Papal Audience
W 6/2 No class - JFRC attends the Papal Audience
Th 6/3
F 6/4
very recommended: Ara Pacis Augustae
  • Ara Pacis
M 6/7 Emperors and Art
  • Kleiner, Chapters 8-10 (103-151)
  • Imperial Fora
W 6/9 Roman Greatness in Art
  • Kleiner, Chapters 11-12 (153-185)
  • Musei Capitolini
Th 6/10
M 6/14 Roman Cosmopolitanism
  • Kleiner, Chapters 13-15 (187-229)
  • Pantheon and Campus Martius
W 6/16 "Take Care of the Army and Love Your Brother"
  • Kleiner, Chapters 16-18 (231-277)
  • Palazzo Altemps
  • who'd be up for Ostia this weekend?
Th 6/17
very recommended: Ostia
  • meet at Roma-Lido station at Piramide (Metro Linea B)
Th 6/17
M 6/21 The Late Imperial City
  • Kleiner, Chapters 19-20 (279-306)
  • Forum Boarium and over the Celian/Esquiline hills
W 6/23 Final exam
  • Rome Center, classroom 118

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