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CLST 273H: Classical Tragedy

Spring Semester 2002
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

MWF 12:30-1:20
Cudahy Science Hall 313

The reading assignments yield essential preparation for class meetings and discussions:
complete the reading before the day for which a reading is listed;
review it again as needed.


M 1/14 Introduction: Fifth-Century Athens and Drama
W 1/16 Dionysus Takes the Stage
F 1/18 Breaking Illusions: the Mythic Power of Drama
M 1/21 11:30 and 12:30 classes today cancelled. MARTIN LUTHER KING observances.
W 1/23 The Return of the King
F 1/25 Family Values
M 1/28 Girl, Interrupted
W 1/30 The Collective Voice
F 2/1 The Chase for Jurisdictional Authority
M 2/4 Taking it to the City
W 2/6 She Stoops to Conquer
F 2/8 After the Fact
M 2/11 Trapped
W 2/13 Help Yourself
F 2/15 Exam I
M 2/18 Tragedy of Gods
W 2/20 Enduring Vision
F 2/22 Flying before Fate
M 2/25 Responsibility
W 2/27 Deja Vu All Over Again
F 3/1 Escape Plot
M 3/4 - Su 3/10 No classes. MIDSEMESTER BREAK!
M 3/11 Anatomy of Tragedy (One View)
W 3/13 Prescriptions
F 3/15 Shooting at Greatness
F 3/15
5:00 PM
Not that it's restricted to this class or anything, but do remember the Undergraduate Prize Contests: deadline to hand in essays or sign up for translation competition is this afternoon at 5:00 PM!
M 3/18 Shooting True
Change of Schedule
W 3/20
Values of an Imploded Family
rescheduled by request
Change of Schedule
F 3/22
Exam II
rescheduled by request
M 3/25 Duty and Disaster
W 3/27 Choices under Constraint
Th 3/28 (4:30 PM) -
M 4/1 (4:30 PM)
No classes. EASTER BREAK!
W 4/3 Putting Life on the Line
F 4/5 Life beyond Loss
M 4/8 Argument for Dignity
W 4/10 Tragedy of History
F 4/12 Loss is the Other Side of Victory
M 4/15 Needs and Honor
W 4/17 Where Goddesses Get You
F 4/19 Dionysus Takes a Trip
  • Aristophanes, Frogs: from "Shall I crack any of those old jokes, master," to "Before you gave me those tremendous whacks."
    (text on-line from the Internet Classics Archive by Daniel C. Stevenson, Web Atomics)
  • Study questions
M 4/22 Raising Tragic Poets
W 4/24 After the Fall
F 4/26 Redemption and the City
M 4/29-30 Study days.
W 5/8
8:00-10:00 AM
Final examination.
See Loyola's Final Exam Schedule (p. 11 of the pdf file).

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