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CLST 271: Classical Mythology

Fall Semester 2002
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

TTh 10:00 - 11:15 AM
Damen Hall 641 -- note new room assignment!! -- this one will be a keeper!

The reading assignments yield essential preparation for class meetings and discussions:
complete the reading before the day for which a reading is listed;
review it again as needed.


  • Hesiod, Works & Days and Theogony, tr. Stanley Lombardo (Hackett Publishing 1993)
  • Homeric Hymns, tr. Susan Shelmerdine (Focus Publishing 1995)
  • Aeschylus, Oresteia, tr. Robert Fagles (Viking Penguin 1984)
  • Sophocles, Three Theban Plays, Robert Fagles (Viking Penguin 1984)
  • Ten Plays of Euripides, tr. Moses Hadas and John MacLean (Bantam Books 1990)
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses, tr. Mary Innes (Viking Penguin 1955)
  • Edward Tripp, The Meridian Handbook of Classical Mythology (N A L 1974)

T 8/27 Introduction: What is Myth?
Th 8/29 Myth and Cosmic Order: Two Ways to Build a World
  • Hesiod, Theogony, lines 1-506
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses, pp. 29-31 (Creation)
  • Study aid: Generations of the Gods (note particularly slides 2, 3, and 9; the others are for general background at this point)
  • Study questions
T 9/3 Locking in World-Order
Th 9/5 Hu-man, Wo-man
  • Hesiod, Works and Days
  • review: Hesiod, Theogony 570-616 (Pandora)
  • Study questions
T 9/10 Human Beings and the World
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses, pp. 31-40 (Ages of Man, Flood, Deucalion & Pyrrha)
  • review: Hesiod, Works and Days
  • Study questions
Th 9/12 Zeus on Top -- and his Daughter, in Law, Elect
  • Tripp, "Zeus", pp. 605-610 and "Athena or Athene," pp. 115-118
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses, pp. 44-49, 61-64, 72-73, 80-82 (Io, Callisto, Europa, Semele)
  • review study aid: Matings of Zeus
  • Study questions
T 9/17 The Female Life-Cycle: Demeter and Kore
Th 9/19 Far-darter Apollo
T 9/24 Alluring Tricks: Hermes
Th 9/26 Tricky Allurements: Aphrodite
Th 9/26
8:00 PM
Sky Auditorium
Special Event! Verse Theater Manhattan performs War Music - Christopher Logue's modern verse adaptation of Iliad 16-19
  • a totally optional extra credit assigment for our class is associated with this performance
T 10/1 Gods in Nature
  • Homeric Hymn 7 (to Dionysus), 27 (to Artemis)
  • Tripp, "Artemis," pp. 103-106 and "Dionysus," pp. 203-211
  • Study questions
  • Study guide for Exam 1
  • Continue reading and thinking about Paper 1
Th 10/3 Exam I
T 10/8 Dionysus and the Contest of Identity
Th 10/10 Conflicting Demands of Nature
M 10/14, T 10/15 No classes. MIDSEMESTER BREAK!
Th 10/17 The Labors of Heracles
T 10/22 Strength and Weakness
W 10/23
3:00 PM
Sky Tea Room
Special Event! The Department of Classical Studies performs Seneca's Thyestes - a gory adaptation of a story in the mythical history of the royal family of Mycene
  • a totally optional extra credit assigment for our class is associated with this performance
Th 10/24 The House of Atreus: Generations of Blood
T 10/29 Mothering Crime
Th 10/31 Demands of Blood and Justice
T 11/5 Exam II
Th 11/7 Something More than Kin, but Less than Kind
  • Sophocles, Oedipus the King (Three Theban Plays)
  • Tripp, "Thebes," pp. 555-558
  • Study aid: Kings of Thebes
  • Study questions
  • Consider possible topics for Paper 2; read the texts you will need to use
T 11/12 The Aftermath of Oedipus
  • Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus (Three Theban Plays)
  • Tripp, "Theseus," pp. 562-572
  • Study questions
  • Continue reading and thinking about Paper 2
Th 11/14 Odysseus I: Tricks in the Traveling
  • Homer, Odyssey Books 9-10
  • Study questions
  • If you haven't already, pick topic and complete reading for Paper 2; continue thinking and start writing
T 11/19 Odysseus II: Lost in Space
Th 11/21 Heroism of Collective Endeavor: Jason and the Argonauts
T 11/26 Medea Strikes Back
Th 11/28-Su 12/1 No classes. THANKSGIVING BREAK!
T 12/3 Song of Myth and Life: Orpheus
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses, pp. 225-248 (Orpheus and Song including Cyparissus, Ganymede, Hyacinthus, the Propoetides, Pygmalion & Galatea, Myrrha, Adonis, Atalanta)
  • Study questions
  • Study guide for Final Exam
W 12/4, Th 12/5 Study days
Th 12/12
10:20 AM -12:20 PM
Final examination
or as otherwise scheduled by the University; see Loyola's Final Exam Schedule.

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