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UCLR 100C-004: Interpreting Literature - Classical Studies
Personal Statement in Greek and Roman Literature

Fall Semester 2018
Dr. Jacqueline Long

Tuesday-Thursday 11:30am-12:45pm
Life Science Building 412

wall-painting, Pompeii, c AD 50


Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

The reading assignments yield essential preparation for class meetings and discussions: read and prepare each assignment before the day for which it is listed; review it again as needed.

BRING a copy of the assigned text with you TO CLASS every day. REFER TO IT as we discuss it.

All details of the schedule for this class are subject to the University's Academic Calendars and Schedules.

Lyric poetry of Archaic Greece
Tu 8/28 Introductions
Th 8/30 Calling on Community: Archilochus, Tyrtaeus, Callinus
M 9/3 Labor Day: No classes. (Not that we meet on a Monday.)
Tu 9/4 Settings and Singers: Semonides, Mimnermus, Alcman
Th 9/6 Lesbians with Burning Hearts: Alcaeus, Sappho
  • Greek Lyric 38-63
  • groups and poems will be assigned in class for Translation exercise, part 1
  • resource: timeline, ThoughtCo.
Tu 9/11 Matters of Interpretation: Solon, Stesichorus
Th 9/13 The Measure of Worlds: Anacreon, Xenophanes, Simonides, Corinna
  • Greek Lyric 99-103, 107-124
  • assignments will be distributed in class for Translation exercise, part 2
  • resource: timeline, ThoughtCo.
Tu 9/18 Transcending Greatness: Pindar, Bacchylides
Th 9/20 Exam 1: Lyric poetry of Archaic Greece
Athenian Drama
Tu 9/25 Scene-Setting
Th 9/27 Social Roles, Expectations, and Experience: Clytaemnestra
Tu 10/2 Cassandra's and Clytaemnestra's Truths
Th 10/4 What do Women Want?
M 10/8-Tu 10/9 Mid-semester Break: No classes.
Th 10/11 What do Goddesses Do?
Tu 10/16 Making Poetry, in Character
Th 10/18 Parody and Interpretation: Receiving Poetry
Tu 10/23 Comedy, Criticism, and the City
Th 10/25 What is Theatre For?
Tu 10/30 Exam 2: Athenian Drama
Lyric and Elegy in Classical Rome
Th 11/1 Roman Lyric: Catullus, Horace
Tu 11/6 Roman Erotic Elegy: Gallus, Sulpicia, Propertius
Christian Self-Declaration
Th 11/8 Perpetua's Passion
Tu 11/13 About Perpetua
Th 11/15 Augustine: Consciousness, Separation, and Language
Tu 11/20 Steps Off the Rule: Archetypal Patterns
W 11/21 - Sa 11/24 Thanksgiving Break: No classes.
Tu 11/27 Loves: Theme through Variation
  • Augustine, Confessions, Book 4 and selection from Book 5 (Pine-Coffin tr. 71-90 and 99-109, sect. 4.1-16 and 5.8-14, or Outler tr. 41-53 and 59-65, sect. 4.1.1-15.31 and 5.8.14-14.25)
  • Reflection 5 will be assigned in class
  • resource: Augustine chronology, R. D. Wallin
Th 11/29 Principals and Plot-Lines: Emerging Clarity
Tu 12/4 Climax
Th 12/6 Resolution
Tu 12/11
Final Exam: Roman Representations. Conformed with Loyola's Final Exam Schedule.

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