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CLST 277: The World of Late Antiquity

Tier 2 course in Historical Knowledge, University Core Curriculum

Spring Semester 2017

Diocletian, portrait head c 284 from Nicomedia, Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, photo J. Long

This Tier 2 course in the Historical Knowledge Core will investigate the Roman Empire between the 3rd and 5th centuries C.E. The people of the Mediterranean basin and Europe continued to identify with their ennobling Classical past, but their moment also changed the basis on which communities and individuals operated. The historical transition they marked was inescapably important. These events and the forces that drove them deserve study in their own right.

Students will practice the work of historical inquiry directly, using literary, documentary, and material sources. By integrating different approaches they will better understand the interaction of historical forces and the complexity of lived experience.

Developments in Roman government establish a framework for our study: why did the Principate's administration of the Roman Empire spin out of control? How did emperors, administrators, generals, and other leaders, amid chaotic rivalries, evolve a new system? As later Roman governments switched from persecuting to promoting Christianity, how did religious sensibilities shift? What remained constant? In what old and what new forms did Classical cultural ideals like piety, family, public service, and education persist? How did individuals engage with their world? How did men and women, Christians and pagans and Manichees, emperors and soldiers and citizens, sophists and philosophers, martyrs and bishops and monks and "ordinary people" understand it? Do we agree?

Our work will pursue five main aims or Learning Outcomes (as well as having fun with them):

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