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LATN 341: Vergil, Aeneid

Spring Semester 2009

Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30am-9:45am
Crown Center 572
Dr. Jacqueline Long
Dido and Aeneas, Vatican Vergil ms, c 400, Rome

Policies and Assessment

Grades will be based on:

Ongoing Contributions to Class (quality of translation and participation in discussion) 10%
Short quizzes (cumulative average; final quiz is weighted double) 20%
Article reports and discussion leadership (cumulative) 20%
Literary translations (cumulative) 20%
Work-in-Progress presentation 5%
Final Paper presenting the Research Project 25%
The "midterm grade" will reflect the weighted average, pro-rated, of the components completed to date.

Respect and other policies

Additional University resources

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