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LATN 284: The Age of Augustus

Spring Semester 2007

terracotta statuette of Priapus, Turkey

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Qui fit, Maecenas, ut nemo, quam sibi sortem seu ratio dederit seu fors obiecerit, illa contentus vivat, laudet diversa sequentis? Horace, Serm. 1.1-3

Noun or Pronoun (if expressed) Adjective (if any; including participles) Sense in Context Gender Case Number Role in Sentence2
Maecenas --- Maecenas masc. voc. sing. direct address for the whole sentence
nemo contentus (predicate adj.) no-one masc. nom. sing. subject of vivat and laudet in the result clause
sortem quam which lot [in life] fem. acc. sing. direct object of seu ratio dederit seu fors obiecerit in the relative clause
sibi --- him(self: reflexive to nemo) masc. dat. sing. indirect object of dederit and obiecerit in the relative clause
ratio --- reason fem. nom. sing. subject of dederit in the relative clause
fors --- chance fem. nom. sing. subject of obiecerit in the relative clause
--- illa it (sc. the lot in life) fem. abl. sing. abl. of means/instrument with contentus
--- diversa different [things] neut. acc. pl. acc. of direct object with sequentis
--- sequentis [people-who-are] following masc. acc. pl. acc. of direct object with laudet

1"Substantive": a person, an animal, a thing, a concept, etc., when it is being talked about by the sentence - so that, for example, in the sentence legens scit, "The reader knows," the participle (verbal adjective) legens is a substantive, because it refers to a person (unexpressed but implied noun) who at the time of the sentence happens to be performing the action (so, literally, "[the person-who-is] reading"), but in the sentence liber lectus est, "The book has been read," the participle lectus is not a substantive, because it's part of the compound perfect-passive verb.

2"Role in sentence": brief statement of the reason why the substantive takes the form that it takes, in order to tell you what the sentence is using it to tell you.

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