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CLST 272-001: Heroes and Classical Epics

Attic Red-figure cup, c. 500

Fall Semester 2015
Dr. Jacqueline Long

MWF 8:15am - 9:05am
Crown Center 140

Schedule of Reading Assignments and Topics

The reading assignments yield essential preparation for class meetings and discussions:
complete the reading before the day for which a reading is listed;
review it again as needed.


M 8/24 Introduction: Singing Epic
W 8/26 Begin the Tale of Men at War
F 8/28 Passions and Prowess
M 8/31 How Much Can a Man Do?
W 9/2 Taking Up the Conflict: Men and Gods
F 9/4 Missions
M 9/7 No classes. LABOR DAY!
W 9/9 Fierce Fighting to the Limits
F 9/11 Pressing Advantages
M 9/14 The Crisis of Patroclus
W 9/16 Fight to Fill a Void
F 9/18 Take Arms upon a Sea of Troubles
M 9/21 The Rage of Achilles
W 9/23 Balancing Accounts
F 9/25 Exam I: Homer, Iliad
M 9/28 The Son also Rises
W 9/30 Memories and Identity
F 10/2 Man in Motion
M 10/5 - Tu 10/6 No classes. MIDSEMESTER BREAK! Voyage well...
W 10/7 The Land of the Phaeacians
F 10/9 Lost in the Mediterranean
M 10/12 Facing the End
W 10/14 Getting There: Land and Loyalty
F 10/16 Measuring Telemachus
M 10/19 Man, the Beggar
W 10/21 Framing the Question
F 10/23 Contest
M 10/26 Winning Home
W 10/28 The Compleat Hero
F 10/30 Exam II: Homer, Odyssey
M 11/2 New Shore
W 11/4 The Fall of Troy
F 11/6 Looking for Troy in all the Wrong Places
M 11/9 Dangerous Liaison
W 11/11 Celebrating a Life
F 11/13 The Golden Bough, the Ivory Gate
M 11/16 Meet the Bridegroom
W 11/18 Once and Future Rome
F 11/20 The Measure of Youth
M 11/23 Loss
W 11/25 - Sa 11/28 No classes. THANKSGIVING BREAK!
M 11/30 Woman Warrior
W 12/2 Last Stand
F 12/4 Romanizing Heroism
W 12/9 Study Day: no classes or exams till 4:15 PM.
Th 12/10
9:00am - 11:00am
Final examination.
See Loyola's Final Exam Schedule.

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